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Over 54% of our country is reeling under a severe drought. Time we wake up to the severity of it, look at it up close.


This feisty woman from Marathwada is changing the fate of thousands of single women

“I told them to pay our dues or the fire will ruin everything it touches,” says Sunanda Bhanudas Kharrate dramatically, standing tall, draped in a saree and with bright red sindoor, spread a little above her forehead.

She was recalling the mashaal (fire torch) yatra to Osmanabad’s collector’s office, which she led, to demand the unpaid MGNREGA dues of hundreds of single women like her. “When I went there, about 30 guns were pointed at me. This is it for me, I thought,” she claims. “I told the Tehsildaar, ‘If you clear the dues today, the fire will burn out; if you don’t then I can’t guarantee what it will touch and destroy,” she adds.

Sunanda for several years worked as a labourer in farms and at MGNREGA projects, before finally joining an Osmanabad-based...Read More >>

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